The valuable alternative to animal egg products plant-based and natural!

Egg substitutes – VollEy

Replace eggs quite natural
Always used universally for eggless baking.
For sauces , creams ,
Cakes , batters and much more.

VollEy1(75% BIO )aufschlagbar whippable

Eggyolk substitute – EyGelb

Nutrient replacement of egg yolk
Vivid in color, strong flavor .
Ideal for SpiegelEy ,
Noodles , rolls , sauces and much more .

(pure BIO product)nicht_aufschlagbar2not whippable

Eggwhite replacement – EyWeiß

Replace animal eggwhite brings volume and Fluffigkeit
esp . suitable for cakes,
foam mass , meringues ,
Soufflets , biscuit rolls and more.
EyWeiß1(75% BIO)aufschlagbar whippable

Anyone looking for a vegan pure vegetable alternative for baking and cooking without eggs will discover something in the MyEy product range. The finest ingredients were cleverly combined to make vegan dishes with pure vegetable ingredients delicious. But not only people with vegan way of nourishment are interested in the new egg substitute, but also people who must pay attention to the intake of animal fats due to cholesterol will find the adequate alternative for cooking and baking without eggs.
When using the alternative egg products, the baking performance, consistency, color, characteristic taste and the functionality of the egg itself should be preserved but based on pure vegetable ingredients giving their vegan recipes the ultimate flavor kick.
Whether baking or cooking without egg or a pure plant-based fried or scrambled egg, MyEy unites the whole spectrum of functionality with the finest vegan taste experience. Does not matter if for whipping, binding, loosening or just trying it out to refine vegan recipes, now MyEy is on the table and in the kitchen! The vegan egg substitute makes it possible! It is unique- MyEy products from Austria!

Egg replacer with MyEy for baking. Cake baked with egg replacer and vegan fried egg . Veganic egg substitute for baking. Cooking with Egg-free MyEy and bake . Meringue and merengue without egg with MyEy . Mousse au chocolat without egg. Strawberry cake without egg. Cake baking without egg ? Vegan cooking? Noodles without egg. With MyEy egg substitute you can replace eggs plant-based. Replace eggs by MyEy.