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Why MyEy?

Take full advantage of the benefits of plant-based ingredients/food without suffering the loss of taste. You can make your dough fluffy, thicken your sauces, creams and baked goods, or enrich your dishes with nutritious ingredients.

What’s in MyEy?

Inventive and selected ingredients. You can have a look at the ingredients of VollEy (whole egg), EyWeiß (egg white) and EyGelb (egg yolk), on the can and by visiting the homepage.

How does MyEy taste?

According to our customers: “pleasant, round, spicy till full-bodied” . The mixture of plant-based  ingredients brings with it a variety of flavours. A creative genius has produced a creation similar to an egg in shape, color and flavour.

Why has MyEy been created?

In short: to do good.
There are many delicious plant-based meat and milk products, but with MyEy – the vegan egg in a completely natural way – the last “gap” has been closed.

Is MyEy eco-friendly?

All ingredients meet the guidelines for certification and come, if available, from the regional agriculture. It is produced in Austria, constantly evolving and its packaging consists mainly of cardboard. The price for the transport of dried, finely ground plant components is potentially reduced.

Since it does not require refrigeration and has a long shelf life it also helps the environment in a simple way.

Is MyEy simply a mix of proteins?

Not at all, but MyEy still contains different types of proteins. MyEy, as well as animal eggs, is a mixture of different components. MyEy was created to make the world a better place.

With much love and MyEy you can also make your kitchen a better place.

Do animal eggs and MyEy almost taste the same?

Yes and that’s no surprise. Let’s think of happy chickens and how they would live in a sanctuary, eating the same healthy and purely plant-based ingredients that MyEy also contains – preferably from organic farming.

How shall I open MyEy – shall I break it like an egg?

The egg is designed so that the delicate chick can see the light of the world. MyEy is designed to allow all people who have their heart in the right place and also love our planet to explore the culinary highlights of the kitchen.

Can I foam up EyGelb?

Eygelb contains natural oils and therefore cannot be beaten in order to obtain a foamy mass. Eygelb however, gives a strong color and a full-bodied flavour.

Are the dishes not simply being “imitated”?

“Keep eating what you want but choose the plant-based variant”.

The dishes are not being “imitated”, but simply prepared in a traditional manner. The ingredients however, have to  be adapted to the time in which we live.

Today the ingredients are chosen in a responsible manner to bring more love to the dining table rather than more consumption. Why should we create a triangular or a blue doughnut just because it is vegan? No, a sausage is always a sausage and gets its name from its shape, no matter if its made of plant-based meat or not, it gets the same fragrant herbs – after all it is the fine blend of spices which determines the flavour. In some countries the fried egg is called “eye” or “Sunny side up”. Terms are often just expressions which describe a shape.

Sympathy and creativity are the most powerful forces that allow us to bring well-known and delicious dishes to a pure form and to create delicious vegan dishes.

What about the shelf-life after first opening?

Pay attention that MyEy cans are not exposed to heat or humidity (e.g. don’t place them close to radiators). Similarly to natural herbs you should not expose the ingredients of the can to vapour during cooking. If you work clean and the can is always well closed, the best-before-date should be reached easily.

How long does my blended MyEy last?

Taking a good cooling process (a cold bowl, cold water, stir and refrigerate) it can last 3 days without problems.

What is the best way to store MyEy?

EyWeiss and VollEy are not sensitive. EyGelb has a natural fat content.  For Eygelb you can say as cooler the storage place the longer the shelf-life is.

Is MyEy suitable for gastronomy and bakery?

In this regard, we have prepared special offers – just ask.

What about egg dishes – how do I get it a little more solid?

Just stir the mass more “powerfully”, add 1 or 2 tablespoons of MyEy and some salt. No matter if it is MyEyerspeis or MySpiegelEy – it makes your dish more compact.

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How do I make an airy egg whites foam for example for a chocolate mousse?

Work clean! Because MyEy contains natural proteins, avoid  fats/oil, detergent residue, flour or (citric) acid. Use a high/slim bowl, a mixer with strong performance and a good whisk.Eischnee_veganAt the beginning only add 25% sugar total amount and use your mixer at the highest speed. Add the remaining sugar and whip to stiffen. Add vanilla, lemon, liquor, MyEygelb or liquid chocolate if desired.

How can I make a layer of flambé caramel to top my grandmother’s favorite strawberry cake?

See “How do I make a good foamy mass by beating the egg whites?”
Then spread out the mass, sugar thoroughly and place in a preheated oven at 230-250°C until golden brown (note: it also works using a  bunsen burner).  Generously sprinkle with icing sugar and sliced toasted almonds.

How do I make a white spray mass if I want to decorate my cakes and cookies with colors?

SeeHow do I make a good foamy mass by beating the egg whites?
Once again generously add icing sugar (about 50%), possibly colored with natural extracts and put it into a pastry bag.Deko_vegan

How do I make dry meringue for snowballs, Windringerl or foam cups?

SeeHow do I make a soft foamy mass by beating the egg whites?
Mix about the 100% of the total weight of the sifted sugar and a pinch of salt (experts can pour first a trickle of caramelized sugar – this makes the mass more firm and solid). Put the meringues on the baking paper in the oven at 120°C, after 5 minutes open the door and let them dry for 2-3 hours at 60-80°C.

How do I make thick glazed marshmallows?

For the experienced! In keywords.
See How do I make dry meringue for snowballs, Windringerl or foam cups?
After pouring the hot thread sugar put hot agar agar brew in the still warm mass. Give the mass a form and let it  stiffen. Coat with chocolate glaze (9:1).Schaumkuss_vegan

How do I make a fluffy and fat-free yogurt mousse?

For the experienced! In keywords.
See “How do I make good marshmallows?”
Mix the agar agar brew with a preheated mass of soy yogurt (flavored with vanilla and lemon) and put into cooled cups, mini forms or terrines or apply it on the basis of a pie. Yoghurt-Schaumcreme

How do I make a good dish with MyEyerspeis?

Cut onions into cubeRührei_vegans and fry them in hot oil, cut some real plant-based vegetarian sausages (Vürstl), vegan bacon or delicious vegetarian meat into strips and fry them for a short time. Add 1-2 tablespoons of MyEy to EyWeiß and EyGelb, add some salt and “pull” each of it in a pan (until thickening).

When EyGelb is ready,Rührei_vegan1 put it into the EyWeiß pan (do not mix them!).

Sprinkle with pepper, refine with Kala Namak (indian black salt) if available and a pinch of ground nutmeg. Mix the roasted onions with the bits of meat, season along the edge of the pan and sprinkle the fresh chopped chives in the middle.

In addition serve a couple of bread slices with a soft cheese spread. Enjoy your meal!

How do I make one MySpiegelEy?

See first  “How do I make a good dish with MyRührEy?“, then:

Open, fry, ready – Not so fast. By adding  salt and more egg powder as well as heating and then letting everything cool down slightly, you can make the egg mixture more firm. Shape your egg mixture as you like creating with a tablespoon a large circle with the EyWeiß and a small one with the EyGelb on a plate or in the pan. It can also be prepared on the day  before and then served with some drops of fine oil and fresh chives after preheating.

“Looks frightenly real – tastes supernice” , says the legendery chef and Rock ‘n’ Roll Vegan Jérôme Eckmeier

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The valuable alternative to animal egg products plant-based and natural!

Egg substitutes – VollEy

Replace eggs quite natural
Always used universally for eggless baking.
For sauces , creams ,
Cakes , batters and much more.

VollEy1(75% BIO )aufschlagbar whippable

Eggyolk substitute – EyGelb

Nutrient replacement of egg yolk
Vivid in color, strong flavor .
Ideal for SpiegelEy ,
Noodles , rolls , sauces and much more .

(pure BIO product)nicht_aufschlagbar2not whippable

Eggwhite replacement – EyWeiß

Replace animal eggwhite brings volume and Fluffigkeit
esp . suitable for cakes,
foam mass , meringues ,
Soufflets , biscuit rolls and more.
EyWeiß1(75% BIO)aufschlagbar whippable

Anyone looking for a vegan pure vegetable alternative for baking and cooking without eggs will discover something in the MyEy product range. The finest ingredients were cleverly combined to make vegan dishes with pure vegetable ingredients delicious. But not only people with vegan way of nourishment are interested in the new egg substitute, but also people who must pay attention to the intake of animal fats due to cholesterol will find the adequate alternative for cooking and baking without eggs.
When using the alternative egg products, the baking performance, consistency, color, characteristic taste and the functionality of the egg itself should be preserved but based on pure vegetable ingredients giving their vegan recipes the ultimate flavor kick.
Whether baking or cooking without egg or a pure plant-based fried or scrambled egg, MyEy unites the whole spectrum of functionality with the finest vegan taste experience. Does not matter if for whipping, binding, loosening or just trying it out to refine vegan recipes, now MyEy is on the table and in the kitchen! The vegan egg substitute makes it possible! It is unique- MyEy products from Austria!

Egg replacer with MyEy for baking. Cake baked with egg replacer and vegan fried egg . Veganic egg substitute for baking. Cooking with Egg-free MyEy and bake . Meringue and merengue without egg with MyEy . Mousse au chocolat without egg. Strawberry cake without egg. Cake baking without egg ? Vegan cooking? Noodles without egg. With MyEy egg substitute you can replace eggs plant-based. Replace eggs by MyEy.